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Hey babes welcome back to the blog, I Know it's been quite a while since I posted here. The past 2 months I have been super busy, I still am but I got to make some time to come back to you so here I am back at the blogging life.

Todays blogs is about this cool t shirt from SHEIN ( Love me some white) a girl can't never have too many white shirts lol so I am loving it, de colors and details on it makes it seem a little vintage to me.

It is stil in stock so if you are looking for a COOL t-shirt literally make sure to check this on out here http://bit.ly/2od0eGL Search ID: 466235 and do not forget to use my code Stefany20 for 20% off your plus size purchase of $59 or over.



Pc: Fior Silvestre

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