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Downtown Blues

Welcome back to another blog babes

Today's blog post is about my baby blues cozy sweater in collaboration with SHEIN

This is actually a Twist V Cut Back Sweater but I decided to used backwards to add an special touch to the look.

The crossed side is supposed to go in the back but I figure it will look pretty to use it in the front.

You might think I am crazy but I decided to order a 3x even tho the past 3x pieces I received from SHEIN before were a little too tight.

I still ordered the sweater on a 3x since it was the larger size for this piece and I absolutely love it. it runs big so it fit perfectly for what I wanted.

I completed my look with my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans from charlotte russe plus and my nude high heels from payless.

I always complete my looks with light makeup I will be giving you more details about my favorite products in the future.

Don't forget to check the SHEIN App or shop online and use my discount code STEFANY20 for 20% off your regular purchase of $59 US dollars of more. This item is actually sold out online but you can sign up for updates on the restock.



Thank you for visiting my blog and until next time my loves.



Photography: Jhon M. Brito

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