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Dear Fat Body Shamers

Welcome my dear readers to this new edition on the blog. This post was not supposed to be called they way it is but I have been seeing something that to me is not right and I would like to talk about it on today's blog. "Fat Body Shamers" yes, I will post an example of some of the awful comments I personally receive because one of my pictures got reposted on forever 21 facebook page and others are some comments I have seen on other plus size girls photos on the same site.

As you can see I decided to keep their identity anonymous but I would like to show everyone that this behavior is not ok. This people are assuming things that they do not know just because we do not look they way they think we have to. One of them as you can read commented on my picture saying that she see a lot of cholesterol, like are you joking?? You are definitely not a doctor and stop concerning about our health because you are clearly not interested you just want to body shame us. "keep encouraging us to stay fat" No! sorry not sorry lady! we have the same right you do to buy nice clothes that actually fit us right. "Forever 21 stop sending plus size email", "Create a separate f21 account for the plus size" Oh My God excuse them lady for running their business the way they want to and for giving everyone a chance to dress the way we want to. This are just a few of the comments I had the unpleasure to read so far, it really hurts my heart not for me because I have always love myself no matter what and I what they said does not affects me but I think on the younger me, the younger generation, the vulnerable people who can read that and feel discouraged or feel less worthy because of people like this. Things like this were one of the ones I knew I was going to encounter when I decided to go full on this plus size model/blogger/influencer thing, but it was also what motivate me to do it because I want to tell every plus size person that unfortunately people like this will always been in our way and we just have to step up, and let them know that a keyboard does not give them power to shame anyone and make them feel less just because we do not fit under their beauty standards.

I have always been a bigger girl as I said before and always felt the society pressure to look different, I try so many diets to lose weight and I ended up gaining the weight back because I never did it for me, I did it for the society, family etc. I am not here to encourage you to stay fat if your goal is other, do it BUT DO IT FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU! find a method that works for you and go for it. the key to your true happiness is to love yourself first and then love yourself again. no matter the way you look, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy, beautiful and sexy. and back to the shamers let me get this straight:

1. Not every fat person has health issues (personally I am a bless and healthy person) thank you God!

2. We have the right to live and dress however we want to! dont be telling people or companies what they need to do and what to sell if you dont own anything and are not apporting to their business.

3. STOP Pretending you care about our health we clearly know you just want to make fun of what you think is true trying to make other people feel less.

4. If you dont like our posts or pictures DO NOT WATCH IT!! KEEP SCROLLING (PS. thank you in advance).

5. Not everybody looks the same, being different is what makes us unique


7. Our appearance is not of your business.

8. Sharing plus size fashion is not encouraging anyone to stay fat! is giving us a choice to look and feel good in our own bodies.

9. Do not abuse of the keyboard and watch what you say because it can affect other people in a bad way, rude comments are not helping anyone and are definitely not ok.

10. If you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything, the respect for others is peace.

Back to my cute outfit babes! I got this super cute denim overall dress from Forever 21 plus and wore it along with this white long sleeve off the shoulder top also from f21 plus giving this outfit some fall vibes. I hope this post help someone to stop being afraid to try new thing and different pieces without caring about this heartless unhappy people out there spreading not tolerance for others. Thank you for reading me and I will see you next time.

Enjoy the pictures,

With Love,


Photography: Carlos A. Rodriguez

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