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Minis & Bells

Welcome back to my blog! Today's blog is all about this Studded Mini Skirt. I believe is my first time wearing a mini skirt. For the longest time I thought that minis were not meant for bigger girls like me and that I could only wear them if I was slimmer. I do not like all types of mini skirts, but since I saw this one at forever 21 I fell in love with it, I wanted to buy it for so long but I hesitated because I was scare it was not going to look good on me but during my recent visit to one of the f21 stores I saw it and decided to give it a try and tarann! It fit me so good that I bought it right away.

I paired my Studded mini skirt with this Bell-Sleeve top also from forever 21. This is a beautiful outfit idea for a evening/night date with friends or significant other, even though is a bit out of my comfort zone I was able to feel comfortable on my own skin and tell myself I can pull any outfit I set my mind into. Hope you all like the pictures and recreate this outfit and dont forget to tag me so we can connect.

Thanks for reading me & see you next time💋



Photography : Carlos A. Rodriguez

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