• By Stefany Brito

Let's Get Real

Hello again Loves! This blog is about getting real and talking about some of my insecurities with you all featuring this cute outfit from Charlotte Russe Plus.

As I told you before, I have always been overweight but as of today I am at my heaviest weight ever, when I first moved to USA I was 18 years old 5.3" and 179 pounds. I got depressed because It was a big change for me and my family, I lived in the Dominican Republic for 18 years and all of a sudden I had to move in a very decisive point of my life, I was attending college to be a Dentist, I had my friends, my church, other part of the family and boyfriend at the time which is now my husband. Within a year period I gained 60 pounds and since my eating habits changed plus being homesick I lost a good amount of hair and it became shorter and thinner.

It was very hard for me to watch my weight since I can gain pounds like nothing. My dads side of the family tends to be overweight so I might have gotten those genes and I think that is why I can gain so much weight in shorts periods of time because at the time I have not been told I have any health condition that makes me gain weight so easy and also I am not someone who likes to workout either.

I have always been trying new diets going to dietitians, working out and I am not going to lie I do lose weight but as soon I stop, I gain the weight back. I haven't found a method that works for me and that I can stick to yet, I am still trying to find it and while I do it I am just trying to love me as I look until I get back to where I want to be which is back to my previous weight from before I moved here.

It is hard to feel comfortable when you gain so much weight because as of right now I am almost 100 pounds heavier than 6 years ago and even tho I am well proportioned like I said before I am in my heaviest weight so far so I am dealing with more fat in places I didn't had before.

I feel very lucky to live where I am now because somehow I dont feel the pressure for being overweight and that I am able to wear nice pieces of clothes from a good variety amount of stores like Charlotte Russe Plus, yes they made it again in my blog!

I got this black bodysuit on sale a couple weeks ago, bodysuits are on trend right now no matter what size you wear, you will be able to find the one for you. This is a non sleeves bodysuit, I am not the most comfortable wearing non sleeves since I always had bigger arms but hey! it is spring time and I am letting them be free.

I dont want you guys to have the wrong idea I am not saying that being overweight is bad or good but being skinny wont guarantee you the happiness you might be looking for, I just want to be real and tell you that even tho I like to take share body positivity on social media encouraging to love yourself doesn't mean that I am not insecure or that my life is perfect, I just want all of us to love the skin we are in! that is my goal.

I paired my outfit with this amazing pair of jeans from Charlotte Russe Plus also OMG! let me tell you this are the most perfect jeans I own so far, they have just enough stretching on the waist and they fit like leggings in the bottom, you have no idea how much I have been looking for a pair of jeans like this and I am so happy I got them!!!! Big thanks to CR.

I just rapped around my waist this denim shirt from old navy that I got a couple years ago to give it a more stylish look. My sandals are from Forever 21 along with my earrings, cutest pair ever. My black bag is from Payless and my sunglasses are from a online company called Hashtag Sunglasses! I will link their website down below so you can check them out they have really nice sunglasses.

This pictures were taken at Howard Kulp Architects PC office located in Allentown PA. This place is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you enjoy the blog and the pictures. Thanks for reading me.



Photography by: Jhon M Brito








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