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Welcome to my personal blog everyone!

My name is Stefany Brito. I am a 24 years old girl born in La Romana a small city from a beautiful paradise called Dominican Republic. I currently live in the United States with part of my family and my husband.

My dream has always been to become a model, I love picking an outfit and call my mom to go with me somewhere to take pictures of me on a random day lol I just love to be in front of a camera. Since I was young I have always loved the fashion but I have always been bigger than the average girl so I was not able to wear what I wanted because I could not find clothes that were actually cute and fit me right. After moving to the States I discovered a whole new world (fashion wise) with more options for me to wear and clothes that actually fit me.

Beauty is relative and we are all beautiful in our own ways. I understand that being overweight can be a risk for our heath but that doesn't mean that people need to make fun and discriminate others just for the way they look, not because I am fat that means I have health issues or I shouldn't eat fast food. It is a difficult path for some of us to learn to love our self first than anyone else and this type of judgments make it even harder. Self love is the first step into happiness. I have learned that no matter if I am not physically where I want to be, I gotta love myself through the process of getting where I really want to and try harder to get there.

I love combining pieces from my closet and taking pictures to show on social media so others can have an idea how to wear clothes that you might already have at home. I typically go online to see how others combine their outfits before I do what I call a ( HOME PHOTO-SHOOT ) pros to my mother for being my number one photographer.Fashion to me is not to wear a high end brand but to wear what you have or what you want not matter how much you paid for it but how you feel wearing it.

My outfit for the beginning of spring 2017 consist in a beautiful peachy body-con from f21 plus size lane and a floral kimono from wet seal (still waiting for then to reopen the website) I hope you all enjoy this blog and is just an introduction about me, on my next blog I will get more into details about my outfits which is more what I want my blogs to reflect the most.

Outfit Details

By: Stefanybrits

Sunglasses: @Rue21

Jewelry: @Forever21

Dress: @Forever21plus

Kimono: @Wetseal

Sandals: @Forever21

With love,

Stefany Brito


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