October 5, 2017

Welcome to the blog my dear readers, I hope you all are doing great! This blog is officially featuring my first actual Fall Look. I wanted to do a look inspired on pumpkin spice and fall itself with this pieces that I got from forever 21 plus. 

My top is this beautiful bright orange off the shoulder top which gives me full fall vibes on this look, I paired with this black mini skirt & ankle boots to complete the look. I am into this mini skirts for fall fa...

September 28, 2017

Welcome my dear readers to this new edition on the blog. This post was not supposed to be called they way it is but I have been seeing something that to me is not right and I would like to talk about it on today's blog. "Fat Body Shamers" yes, I will post an example of some of the awful comments I personally receive because one of my pictures got reposted on forever 21 facebook page and others are some comments I have seen on other plus size girls photos on th...

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